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From the moment someone goes to look at your website (or advert), to when they’re laying in your dentistry chair – you want your patients to feel confident in choosing your dental practice. In this blog, we will go over three of the main factors (backed by research) that make people pick certain dentists over others, and how to implement them into your marketing strategy.

1. Having a Strong Brand Identity Not only does this mean knowing who you are as a dental practice, but who your target patients are and what it is about your dental practice that makes it special. Is it your family friendly environment? Is it your high quality hygiene services? Whatever it is, having a strong brand message and then being able to translate that into your marketing is essential in gaining someone’s trust. Once you have solidified your brand identity, [click here to see how we help dentists do this] attracting your target demographic could require making adjustments to your branding. Something as simple as: rewording the captions on your website (and not using too many) so that you capture the right tone, or simplifying your colour scheme and making it all match. 94% of website users’ first impressions are design related (word stream) so it needs to be professional and consistent, yet open, friendly and warm. This is how you make potential clients feel safe about choosing your practice.

2. Display your good reviews This is a short and sweet one, yet one of the most effective things you can do for your dental practice. According to a 2019 survey (PR Newswire) people chose their dentist mostly from patient reviews (44.3%). Displaying real people’s happy testimonies from your dental practice humanises your brand and again, builds trust. So shout it from the mountain tops! Knowing that others have gone into your practice and returned home better off is something people need to be reassured about when choosing a dentist. Your reviews can be added to your website, social media page and even your leaflets and posters.

3. Make it as easy and as quick as possible to get in touch with you If it’s hard to quickly find where to contact you (especially through phone call) it’s likely you could be losing up to 68% of your potential patients (Rule Analytics). This is simply because in today’s world of instant convenience, you’re not just being compared to other dentists, you’re being compared to every other online experience the potential patient has already had (amazon, netflix etc). You could have a beautiful website with the most amazing reviews, but if people can’t find where to book a consultation or contact you quickly, they will simply look elsewhere. This makes it extremely important to have your contact and booking details right on the front page of your website, leaflets, social media accounts and any advertisements you have.

Simply put, if you prioritise shaping your brand as a dental practice to feel professional, trustworthy and convenient for your demographic of potential patients, you will soon become their top choice.

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